Disability Services

UCOL provides a supportive learning environment that aims to meet the individual needs of all learners.

Students with impairment, health issues or conditions that require support in and/or out of the classroom, special equipment or technology, should contact the Accessibility/Disability Co-ordinator in their region. The Co-ordinator will discuss how assistance can be provided to ensure equal educational opportunity in the UCOL learning environment.

Support to students with impairment may include the following:

  • Notetaker
  • Learning Support staff
  • Liaison with Lecturing staff
  • Access to equipment and assistive technology
  • Specialised assessment provisions
  • Sign language communicator


Disability Support Services Contact Details

Palmerston North Campus



Whanganui Campus

Luke Sula


Phone: 0800 GO UCOL (0800 46 8265) ext. 60704

16 Rutland St, Whanganui


Wairarapa Campus​