ucol carparking



Car parks are provided for UCOL student and staff members only. All vehicles must be registered and display a current year UCOL car parking sticker. If you park in Pay & Display parking zone you must also have a Pay & Display ticket.


Car park markings make it clear which parks require payment and which are free of charge. White parks are Pay & Display parks, blue parks are free parks, and yellow parks are reserved parks (disabled, visitors or leased parks).


To get a car parking sticker you will be need to complete a vehicle registration form. These forms are available, on presentation of your UCOL student/staff ID card, at the Student Resource Centre, Hub Central.


Stickers are to be placed on the right hand side of the rear window.


Free car parking is provided via Gate K off Grey Street and Gate E off Amesbury St.


Pay & display parking is provided via Gates A,B,C,D and I off Queen St, Gate G off Grey St and Gate F off Princess St. The Gate A parking area includes short term, 4 hour parking (4H) and the remainder are all day car parks.


The charges are $2.00 per day for all day parking and $1.00 per half day in short term parking (4H).


Place the current Pay & Display ticket in plain view on the vehicle dashboard – failure to do so will result in the vehicle owner being fined by CarePark NZ Ltd, UCOL's car parking compliance provider. Please refer to the terms and conditions of parking located beside the Pay & Display machines, or beside the Gate G, K and E entrances.


There are disabilities car parks provided in all parking areas. Mobility cards must be displayed at all times in these car parks, along with a sticker and Pay & Display tickets.


Semester passes are available; price is dependant on time of the year at which you apply as they are calculated on a pro-rata basis. Contact the FM team via the FM help desk (Ext 7333) for further information.




With the transition to a new car parking provider, we have decided to collate some of the queries we are getting and provide answers as follows:


  1. Why have we changed providers for car parking compliance management?

    Carepark are UCOL’s new provider for management of car parking compliance. This function was previously carried out by First Security. Carepark are an experienced provider in the area of car parking management. They are now managing our leased parks and our staff/student pay and display, reserved and free car parking from a compliance perspective.


    The primary purpose of the transition to a new provider for car parking compliance is to improve the utilisation of car parking for UCOL staff and students. We want UCOL staff and students to be able to park in UCOL’S designated parking areas without having to compete with unauthorised users for car parks.


    First Security will remain responsible for security in the car parking areas.


  2. What do UCOL staff and students need to do to be compliant with UCOL’S car parking terms and conditions?

    The requirements for each car park are shown on the signage at the entrance to each Gate and on the Pay and Display Machine in each Pay and Display car park.


    In all car parks you need to display a 2014 UCOL Car Park Authority sticker on your vehicles rear window.
    In a Pay & Display car park, you must also have a current Pay & Display ticket on the dashboard.


    You can obtain your UCOL Car Park Authority sticker from the Student Resource Centre and Hub Central on the Ground Floor, Block 6. Pay & Display tickets, where required, are available from the vending machine within the car park.


  3. Has the cost of car parking changed under the new provider?

    No. Car parking charges are $2 per day for All Day parking and $1 per half day for short-term parking (this is the car park nearest Block 4 & 8). The short-term car parks are marked as 4H.


  4. What happens if I don’t comply?

    Again, the signage at the entrance to each Gate shows what may happen if car parkers fail to comply.


    Non-compliant parkers will be issued with a Carepark Payment Notice which details what the cost of non-compliance will be, and how to make payment to Carepark.


  5. If I get a Payment Notice, how do I make payment to Carepark?

    Payment can be made to Carepark via the following payment options:
    -in person at any ANZ Bank Branch, or by internet banking, to ANZ account number 06-0582-0087678-03 (please use the Payment Notice reference number and registration number when making a payment this way); or
    -by credit card by calling Carepark on 0800 carepark or 0800 227372 (Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.30pm); or
    -by cheque posted to P.O. Box 14805, Wellington, 6241


    Please note that at this stage, for payments through the Carepark website (www.paymentnotices.co.nz) can only be made for fines $30 or more.


  6. What is the cost of non-compliance?

    No Pay & Display ticket, but have a 2014 UCOL sticker displayed - $15
    No UCOL sticker, but Pay & Display ticket displayed - $30 (assumes they are not UCOL staff/student)
    No UCOL sticker or Pay & Display ticket - $40


    Please note that where $40 Payment Notices are concerned, non-compliant parkers will be charged $66, which is reduced to $40 if the fine is paid within 14 days.


  7. How do I contest a Payment Notice issued by Carepark?

    Details of how you can contest a Payment Notice are included on the Payment Notice. If you have a UCOL Car Park Authority sticker and/or a Pay & Display ticket, then you have a case to have the fine waived. First point of contact is via Carepark.


  8. When will Carepark be monitoring car parking compliance?

    Carepark will monitor car parking compliance anytime during normal working hours i.e. between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.


    Please note that car parking is still free to UCOL staff and students on the weekends.


  9. What happens to new staff or students who do not have a UCOL sticker when they arrive on their first day(s)?

    New staff or students will be given a week’s grace by Carepark to obtain a UCOL Car Park Authority sticker. During that period Carepark will issue a “Friendly Reminder” notice to the vehicle owner, reminding them that they require a sticker.


    Please note that the new student or staff member should still display a valid Pay & Display ticket on their dashboard, if required.


  10. What about official UCOL visitors or short-term parkers?

    Official UCOL visitors and/or short-term parkers should obtain a valid UCOL Temporary Parking Permit from the Student Resource Centre and Hub Central on the Ground Floor, Block 6. If you have a visitor coming, then you can get this permit in advance from Facilities Management, Ground Floor, Block 4. A request can also be made through UCOL’s Asset Management Information system (Hardcat).


    FM will issue car parking permits for emergency situations as well. For example if a staff member or student has borrowed a car for the day.

    Official UCOL car parking permits are still being issued for semester parking. These can be obtained from FM.


    Please note that all official visitors and/or short term parkers should still display a valid Pay & Display ticket on their dashboard, if required.


  11. What about Block Course students and other short term student parkers?

    UCOL students (with valid ID cards) attending short-term Block Courses or other short term courses can obtain a valid Block Course Parking permit from the Student Resource Centre and Hub Central on the Ground Floor, Block 6.


    Please note that students attending short-term Block Courses or other short term courses should still display a valid Pay & Display ticket on their dashboard, if required.


  12. How do I purchase my Pay & Display ticket?

    You can purchase a Pay and Display ticket by:
    -inserting coinage up to the value of the ticket (we recommend you use $1 and $2 coins however)
    -paying by credit card (Please note only the newer All Day Pay & Display machines in the Gates A, F and G have this facility)
    -Paying by text (Please note only the newer All Day Pay & Display machines in the Gates A, F and G have this facility and currently Text a Park only applies to Vodafone users).


  13. What happens if the Pay & Display vending machines are out of order?

    If you are unable to obtain a Pay & Display ticket from the vending machine for a valid reason (i.e. the machine is faulty), please advise Facilities Management immediately. Facilities Management will place an ‘Out of Order’ sign on the vending machine and notify Carepark accordingly.


    While the Pay & Display vending machine is out of order Carepark will not issue Payment Notices for vehicles parking in the relevant car park.


    Please note that vehicles should still have a valid 2014 UCOL Car Park Authority sticker displayed in the rear window of their vehicle.