Photocopying or printing per side:

​Black & White Colour​
​A4 ​6 cents 15 cents​
​A3 ​8 cents 20 cents​

These prices apply to the Ricoh photocopiers/printers on all three campuses except Block 2 PN and Whanganui Quay School of the Arts.  

To view more information about photocopying/printing at UCOL click here.

Palmerston North Campus

Printers are usually located in the computer labs and/or student studios. When you log onto a computer you will automatically be connected to a printer. Student photocopying is available in the Learning Hub where there are 4 photocopier/printers.​

There is a charge for all printing and photocopying. When you print, your job is sent to a printer account program which checks that your account is in credit. If so it deducts the cost (see table above) of each side, you print. You can delete your print jobs from the queue before they print without charge. Once the job has left the print queue it will be charged, turning off the printer will not stop this and there is no mechanism for a refund as we cannot tell whether it printed or not. To put your account into credit you can make payments at the Student Information Centre (Cash or EFTPOS).

Whanganui Campus - Photocopying

The photocopiers within the Learning Hub can be activated by swiping your Student ID Card. For Whanganui Campus students, you can add funds to your print credit via the Learning Hub front counter (cash only) or through the Information Centre (EFTPOS facility is available).

Whanganui Campus - Overhead Transparencies

A3 and A4 acetates can be purchased from the Learning Hub front counter. These are the only acetates to be used with the Whanganui Campus photocopiers.

Payment by cash only (no EFTPOS facility available)

  • A4 per Sheet - $0.30
  • A3 per Sheet - $1.30

Wairarapa Campus - Photocopying

The photocopier within the Learning HUB can be activated by holding your Student ID Card in front of the sensor after you have loaded print credit to your student library account. For Wairarapa Campus students, you can add funds to your print credit at the Learning HUB Counter (Cash or EFTPOS) or at Reception, if the HUB is unattended.