Study Skills

Anti-Procrastination Tips.pdfAnti-Procrastination Tips
APA 7 Online 'Workshop'.pdfAPA 7 Online 'Workshop'
APA 7th Ed a detailed guide.pdfAPA 7th Ed a detailed guide
APA Referencing 7th Edition A  Brief Guide.pdfAPA Referencing 7th Edition A Brief Guide
Database Handy Tips.pdfDatabase Handy Tips
Exam Strategies.pdfExam Strategies
Oral Presentation.pdfOral Presentation
Study Groups.pdfStudy Groups
Taking Notes.pdfTaking Notes
Time Management.pdfTime Management
UCOL MemorySkillsPartOneBrochure.pdfUCOL MemorySkillsPartOneBrochure
UCOL MemorySkillsPartTwoBrochure.pdfUCOL MemorySkillsPartTwoBrochure


 Interactive Workshops

Academic Writing Interactive 2020.pptxAcademic Writing Interactive 2020
Critical thinking Interactive 2020.pptxCritical thinking Interactive 2020
Essay Writing Workshop - Interactive.pptxEssay Writing Workshop - Interactive
Motivation during Lockdown.pptxMotivation during Lockdown
Note taking for Moodle 2020.pptxNote taking for Moodle 2020
Proofreading Workshop - Interactive 2020.pptxProofreading Workshop - Interactive 2020
Time Management Workshop - Interactive.pptxTime Management Workshop - Interactive

 Academic Writing

Assignment Planning.pdfAssignment Planning
Avoiding Plagiarism.pdfAvoiding Plagiarism
Common Command Words.pdfCommon Command Words
Commonly Confused Words.pdfCommonly Confused Words
Connecting Words.pdfConnecting Words
Essay Writing Tips.pdfEssay Writing Tips
Evaluating Information sources.pdfEvaluating Information sources
Introductions and Conclusions.pdfIntroductions and Conclusions
Linking Words.pdfLinking Words
Paragraph Writing.pdfParagraph Writing
Past or present.pdfPast or present
Proofreading Checklist.pdfProofreading Checklist
Report Writing.pdfReport Writing
Rules of THE.pdfRules of THE
Using Capital Letters.pdfUsing Capital Letters
Verbs for Writing.pdfVerbs for Writing
What are markers looking for.pdfWhat are markers looking for