Desk Reserves

Required and recommended texts, and other items which your lecturer has identified, are kept at the Circulation Desk for use on campus during the day.

Desk Reserve items are identified on the Library Catalogue in the location details, (e.g. Manawatū Desk Reserve - 3 hour loan). Items on Desk Reserve have a DESK RESERVE 3 HOUR LOAN sticker on the spine, and with similar stickers, beside the barcode label.

Some important points:

  • Desk Reserve items are issued for 3 hours maximum
  • Items taken late in the day must be returned by closing time - there are no overnight loans of Desk Reserve items
  • A limit of two Desk Reserve items per student applies
  • Fines for late return of Desk Reserve items are charged at the rate of $0.10 per minute
  • Borrowers who persistently have overdue Desk Reserves may find their borrowing privileges withdrawn

Temporary Desk Reserves

Material from the general collection may be put on Temporary Desk Reserve by lecturers for a specific period (i.e. for an assignment). The same Desk Reserve procedures apply to this material while it is on Temporary Desk Reserve.