Requesting an Interloan

Course related materials not held by the UCOL library may be requested from other libraries in New Zealand or Australia by placing an Interloan Request.

This service is available to enrolled students and staff by emailing the Interloans Librarian, by completing the Interloan Request Form which is available from the Library Issues Desk, or by filling in the Online Interloan Request Form.

All Interloan requests are accepted and processed at the discretion of the Interloans Librarian.

Interloan FAQs

How long will it take?
Journal articles usually arrive within a few days, and books available within New Zealand usually arrive within 1-2 weeks (depending on their availability at other libraries, and the speed of delivery via post or courier).

How long may I have an Interloan?
This varies as the due date is set by the lending library, but books are usually issued to us for a month (some special materials such as theses or research reports are for library use only).

Can Interloans be renewed?
A renewal is often possible, but must be requested before the due date.

How do I know when it has arrived?
You will be emailed as soon as your request arrives (either to your student email address, or to an alternative address if it is provided).

When a journal article is requested, a copy is usually supplied for you to keep – these are often emailed to you as they usually arrive as a PDF. (Sometimes you may be required to collect a copy, depending on copyright restrictions, or because of excessive size of the PDF).

What are the Copyright restrictions?
Articles may be requested for research or private study only. No more than one article from a particular journal, or two if they are on the same subject, may be requested at any one time.