UCOL has signed up to take part in the Nationwide Shake Out Exercise!


At 09:15am on Thursday, the drill with be signalled with megaphones in Block 2, Block 9, Block 10 and the main Atrium. If you are in a class at this time your Lecturer should signal the start of the drill.


On hearing the trigger of the drill, you are invited to take part in practising the right actions to take in an earthquake – Drop, Cover and Hold, for a full 60 seconds. Please be aware of movable keyboard holders when covering under desks (watch your head). Don’t drop, cover, and hold in dangerous areas such as kitchens, engineering workshops, laboratory areas where chemicals or hot liquids may be on the benches. In these areas, where possible, cover under doorways or, alongside solid objects in open areas that have no desks to cover under.


Afterwards, staff will initiate evacuation to assembly point/s. This exercise will be taken seriously and treated as if it was a real event. Remember – drop, cover and hold. Protect your head! You can find out more about the exercise at www.shakeout.govt.nz/