Filtering at UCOL is currently used to remove game websites, gambling and websites containing inappropriate material.


Inappropriate material is deemed to be that which if viewed on a UCOL owned or leased computer or viewed using a UCOL registered computer account may be considered to be contrary to UCOL’s mission or Charter or likely to damage UCOL’s reputation or standing in the community or which may be construed by an objective third party as being offensive.


Filtering software is over-inclusive and will block sites which would not be considered inappropriate. If this is the case then the web site will be unblocked indefinitely.


To ensure that UCOL complies with the freedom of staff and students to engage in research the following process is in place for staff and students to apply for the lifting of blocked web sites.


UCOL Staff - Complete an IT Request Form on the IT portal (Ask for Assistance button).


Students - Please notify your lecturer of your request and if applicable your lecturer will then complete the required form.