Copyright Law 


From September 1st 2011 a change in the copyright law came into force which applies to all internet users in New Zealand.


This law provides content owners (Rights holders) of copyrighted works such as movies, TV shows and music with a quicker and easier way to penalise people infringing their copyright (from illegal downloading). This change affects all users of all systems at UCOL, including staff, students, casual users, students in clinical placements, and businesses on campus using UCOL internet access, irrespective of location.


Important information

You Pirate You Pay 


A successful infringement allegation can see UCOL being fined up to $15,000.00 per infringement with the potential of having the internet connection to UCOL being cut for up to six months for all users. UCOL’s Acceptable Computer Use Policy already makes clear that any Copyright Infringement is prohibited. However it is important that students are aware that UCOL will consider any offending to be a serious matter requiring disciplinary action and will seek to recover any consequential costs resulting from an infringement notice from the person found to have been responsible.


All users of UCOL’s computer systems are responsible for their own account and for any activities conducted under their account.


Process for Lifting of Blocked Web Sites