You are able to park in most UCOL campus carparks all day, as long you display a current year UCOL Carpark Authority sticker. Some carparks are free, and for some there is a small charge of $1 or $2. Stickers are available from the Information Centre in Palmerston North and Whanganui, and reception at the Wairarapa campus. Stickers are to be placed on the right hand side of the rear window.


Car park markings make it clear which parks require payment and which are free of charge. White parks are Pay and Display parks, blue parks are free parks, and yellow parks are reserved parks (disabled, visitors or leased parks).


If you use a Pay and Display park, you need to purchase a ticket from the nearby vending machine and place it in plain view on the vehicle dashboard.  Failure to do so will result in the vehicle owner being fined by CarePark NZ Ltd, UCOL's car parking compliance provider.


There are disabilities car parks provided in all parking areas. Mobility cards must be displayed at all times in these car parks, along with a UCOL Carpark Authority sticker and Pay & Display tickets.


We recommend you respect any no-parking zones, particularly beside nearby businesses, as you may be towed away.


UCOL Manawatū

There are car parks accessible from Grey Street, Queen Street, Princess Street and Amesbury Street


Free car parking is provided via Gate K off Grey Street and Gate E off Amesbury Street.


Pay and Display parking is provided via Gates A,B,C and I off Queen Street, Gates D and G off Grey Street, and Gate F off Princess Street. The Gate A parking area includes short term, 4 hour parks (marked 4H), and the remainder are all day car parks.


The charges are $2.00 per day for all day parking and $1.00 per half day in short term parking (4H).


UCOL Whanganui

The campus car park is accessible via Taupo Quay and Rutland Street.


UCOL Wairarapa

The campus carpark is accessible via Chapel Street.