What to do if you decide to withdraw from the course you have enrolled in?


Before you decide to withdraw from your programme you should discuss this with your lecturer or the Head of School first. Remember, if you are having difficulties with your programme there are ways UCOL can help you.


If you decide that you will withdraw, you must complete a Change of Circumstances Form. These can be obtained from the Student Information Centre. The rules for fees refunds are outlined in the Admission & Enrolment Guide. Do not delay – it is your responsibility to complete the form.


Withdrawal dates are different for each course* as it depends on how the programmes are structured. It is recommended to check the withdrawal date that appears on your UCOL invoice to check if you are eligible for a partial refund. If you can't find your invoice, a copy is in your Student Web Services.


Fill in a Change of Details/Circumstances form and return it to the Student Information Centre.


If you have any queries related to withdrawal and/or fees refunds then you should contact Student Registry Services Block 1 ground floor Palmerston North.


*A course is a paper within a programme of study