It’s hard to focus on your studies if you’re unhappy. UCOL has policies and procedures to help address any concerns or complaints you have as quickly as possible. You can give UCOL feedback anytime, whether it is a concern or a compliment, by using the quick form on the home page of the student intranet.


A concern is a matter that is affecting you, is important to you, that may be impacting on your learning, yet is not serious enough to be a formal complaint, and you would like to have it resolved.


If you have a concern relating to your study, it’s best if you do something about it as soon as it arises. In the first instance, you should try talking to the person involved or a lecturer. If that puts you in an uncomfortable position, or if the problem still exists look at the Student Complaints Policy and Student Concerns and Complaints Procedure on the student intranet.


Two other important policies to make sure you enjoy a safe study environment are: Student Harassment/Bullying Prevention Policy and Student Harassment/Bullying Prevention Procedure​.